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SoC Embedded Design Suite
Release date: November, 2016
Latest Release: v16.1

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Download and install instructions:
1.Download SoC EDS software into a temporary directory.
2. Run the file.
Refer to the Software Resources page for more information, such as Community Support and Ecosystem.


ARM® Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) software, a major component of SoC Embedded Design Suite (EDS), is managed by license. After you have installed SoC EDS, start DS-5. If this is your first time using DS-5, a popup dialog will automatically ask if you wish to open the license manager. Otherwise you can open the license manager from the Help menu. Choose 'Add License' and select the 'Enter a serial number or activation code to obtain a license' default option. You are prompted for an ARM license serial number or activation code entry. Depending on which edition you have acquired, one of the following options applies:

DS-5 Altera Edition (Part of SoC EDS Standard Edition)
If you have purchased the SoC EDS Standard Edition or selected Development Kits, you would have received an ARM license serial number. This is a 15-character alphanumeric string with two dashes in between. Please enter this serial number into the input field to get full capabilities for the DS-5 Altera Edition software. This license includes one-year Support & Maintenance from ARM starting at the date of purchase or renewal.

DS-5 Community Edition (Part of SoCEDS Lite Edition)
For the free SoC EDS Lite Edition, you will be able to use DS-5 perpetually to debug Linux applications over an Ethernet connection. Please get your ARM license activation code here and enter it into the input field.

30-Day Evaluation of DS-5 Altera Edition
If you want to evaluate the SoC EDS Standard Edition, you can get a 30-Day Evaluation activation code here. Please enter this ARM license activation code into the input field to get the full DS-5 Altera Edition software capabilities for a limited time.

For a more detailed guide on Licensing, please refer to “Chapter 3 Licensing” in Altera SoC EDS User Guide.

Note that the only difference between SoCEDS Lite Edition and SoCEDS Standard Edition is the difference of DS-5 editions. All other tools and examples are the same for different editions and don’t require license. For example, the second stage bootloader generator and the bare-metal compiler offer the same features no matter which licensing option is used.

System Requirements

System and Software Requirements

Disk space: A full installation of the Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Design Suite version 16.1 requires approximately 6GB (both Windows and Linux) of available disk space on the drive or partition where you are installing the software.

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If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here, contact Intel application engineers for assistance through the mySupport website.

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The Intel FPGA Software License Subscription Agreement governs the installation and use of this software.